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Welcome to the newest innovation in modeling. Weathering Solutions™ decals offer an easy, unique, cost-effective way to achieve an authentic look on any model, by modelers of any skill level. Follow these simple instructions and bring your models to life.

TIP: Referencing prototype photos will help you to select and optimally place decals on your model. Visit for a gallery of our favorites.

  1. Begin by washing the model with mild soapy water. This will remove any surface contaminates and yield a fresh clean surface.
  2. Apply an oil wash. This is crucial for an all-around weathered look. Consider the following when choosing an appropriate oil wash color: car type, commodity hauled, car age, damage from loading/unloading, etc. An excellent choice for beginners is Van Dyke Brown which is a neutral, grimy shade. Start with a small amount of oil color and turpentine or turpenoid® and apply over entire model. Immediately after applying, take a flat, dry brush and pull excess oil from top to bottom in vertical strokes. Blot the brush on a clean cloth between strokes to remove excess. Repeat this step as necessary to achieve desired color. Allow the oil to dry fully before proceeding. Drying times will vary, but typically 48 hours is sufficient.
  3. Apply a clear coat and allow it to dry for about 2 hours. The desired end result is a glossy finish without imperfections. There are two methods that work equally well:
    • Pledge® FloorCare Multi-Surface Finish (says “acrylic” on the back) with an airbrush, or
    • Gloss enamel clear coat in an aerosol
  4. Prepare the decals. Images on the decal sheet are arranged to maximize value. Use caution when cutting out images you intend to use and set them aside in the order in which they will be applied. Use hobby tweezers to place one decal in a saucer of warm water. The decal film will release from the backing after about 30 seconds.
  5. Recommended Step: Apply a thin layer of decal setting solution, such as Micro Set, to the model’s surface just prior to placement of the decal. This step minimizes the possibility of air bubbles, ensures the decal film bonds securely, and softens the film to allow easier molding to raised surfaces such as rivets, seams, safety appliances, etc.
  6. Apply the decals. Carefully pluck the decal film from the water and move it into place with the bottom side contacting first and lightly dragging the film upwards to “land” it in the desired location. Take a cotton swab and gently roll off excess water.
  7. Use care not to shift or wrinkle the decal. If air bubbles occur, simply puncture them with a sharp hobby knife and apply a tiny amount of Micro Set over the area. After you are comfortable with the process, repeat step 5 and 6 until all decals are applied.
  8. Recommended Step: Apply a thin layer of Micro Sol decal solution to “melt” the decal into the painted surface. This step reduces the visibility of cut lines, improves continuity of overlapping decals, and further softens the decal to conform to the surface. Allow the model to completely dry.
  9. Repeat step 3. This will ensure the decals do not stand out from the surrounding area.
  10. The final step is to apply a dull-coat. This is necessary to remove the gloss and shine from the film and clear-coated areas, as well as to provide a layer of protection over the decals. The best product for this is Testors® Dullcote.
  • Q. I am new to this aspect of the hobby. Why wouldn't I just paint using a brush or airbrush to get the worn and weathered look on my equipment?
  • A. Much like the Industry we are modeling, over time, technology improves and things become available to achieve the same or better resuls, and saving us time.
  • Q. Are all of your products for sale listed on your website?
  • A. If you see it on the website, yes, it is for sale and in stock. Check back often for additional artwork coming soon.
  • Q. You call yourself Weathering Solutions. Is your product going to primarily be related to aging rail cars and locomotives?
  • A. As we release more decals over time we primarily focus on weathering in the form of rust, spillage, and graffiti. We have a small team working on new artwork all the time. We are a new company and will be constantly adding to our list of products.
  • Q. What scale are your decals considered?
  • A. We offer most weathering decals in 3 sizes: Small (N-Z); Medium (HO-S); Large (On3-027-O Scale). We will be offering more and more images in various scales over time, as dictated by demand.
  • Q. I have a question about a particular product I see on your site. What's the best way to contact you?
  • A. Any way you want! We are in business to serve you. Without you we would not be here. We'll try to answer any customer questions and we value any feedback. Visit the link to our Contact page to find out more.
  • Q. Does Weathering Solutions do any custom artwork / decal printing? If so, how much do you charge?
  • A. Yes. We do offer a wide range of help with custom orders. We ask that you email or call us so you can better explain what it is you are looking to do and we bid the job accordingly.
  • Q. Will you be adding any tutorial photos, or how-to videos?
  • A. Yes, we will have both links on our website and also be adding links to YouTube. Our YouTube channel is MIDWESTRAILROADLLC please subscribe and keep up to date on all the latest products and techniques to help bring the most amount of mother nature and the elements to you layout at a very reasonable price.
  • Q. Does the product purchase price include sales tax and postage?
  • A. Only Missouri residents pay sales tax. Domestic postage is $1.49 additional and international postage is $2.49.
  • Q. I was wanting some more ideas to age some more of my layout. Where should I look?
  • A. We will be adding various photos to our Galleries. As with our entire site, we will be constantly expanding our inventory, adding tricks and tips, and before and after photos. So check back often.
  • Q. I have an idea Id like to share with you. How do I go about it?
  • A. Email us and put "IDEA" in the subject line. We encourage feedback from our customers. Again we appreciate your business and future referrals.

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Weathering Solutions is an American small business started by two guys in St. Louis Missouri with a passion for model railroading. After years of researching and developing a better way to weather our models, we finally opened our doors to the worldwide market in July 2013. We make unique products for prototype modelers of all scales. Our wide selection of quality decals effortlessly add that sought-after professional finish to any project, costing a tiny fraction of traditional weathering methods and saving you a ton of time. With a little practice anyone can now achieve results that rival the finest hand crafted skill. We design and create everything in-house using the latest technologies and we're very proud of the results. We think you will be, too.

So what are you waiting for? Step up to the next level in realism for all your modelling projects and get the complete line of Weathering Solutions decals today!